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Adding Hourglass statement to JCL using REXX exec AGGDD

Using REXX exec AGGDD
HourGlass DD statements can be generated automatically using the provided
REXX Exec AGGDD. From the EDIT Command line, type:
after placing an A (after) or B (before) line command designating the desired
location for the generated HourGlass DD statement. Optionally, the desired date
can be passed on the command line as a parameter in the format CCYY-MM-DD.
Without any parameters, an ISPF panel prompting for the desired date is
To simply display the correct HourGlass DD statement without adding it to your
current EDIT session, enter from any ISPF Command Line:
The user is prompted for the date in CCYY-MM-DD format and the time in
dHHMM format.
—————— IBM HourGlass: Generate HourGlass DDCard ——————
Enter Desired Runtime Date (ccyy-mm-dd): 1997-12-06
Enter Desired Time: Plus/Minus (P/M): P HoursMinutes (hhmm): 0100
East/West (E/W)
Fixed Step Start (F)
Absolute Constant Time (A)
After pressing ENTER, the appropriate HourGlass DD statements are shown.
—————— IBM HourGlass: Generate HourGlass DDCard ——————
Desired Runtime Date (ccyy-mm-dd): 1997-12-06
DDcard to use: //HG097340 DD DUMMY
Desired Runtime Time (d hhmm): P 0100
DDcard to use: //HGP0100 DD DUMMY
Hit ENTER to Continue
Press PF3 to exit this dialog.