Synergy for keyboard & mouse sharing across PC/Linux/Mac systems

Synergy is a nice software which can be used to share keyboard and mouse across systems such that we no longer need to unplug and plug the hardware to different systems.

This software is available on windows, Linux and Mac (Cross Platform). This can be used as alternative to expensive hardware KVM switches.

This software offers ssl encryption and clip board sharing too.

how ever I came across some issues with ssl on my laptop running Opensuse Leap 42.2 Linux. (dependency¬† not found error). Also Raspberrypi 3 repos have old version which doesn’t show ssl option.

To get around these issues I recompiled code from the git repository on Linux (Opensuse Leap 42.2) and Raspberry pi 3 ( jessie РPIXEL).

Compiled distribution binaries can be downloaded from below links.

Raspberrypi 3 (.deb arm version) –!4xxzWA6L!Yj9yLbczCW1m90-je0F3RZP1-azyzgbymkorkpC4W38

Opensuse (.rpm X86_64 version)-!JpgUHBQR!BYmEXOILv0E07h4PcoQtibLoGJ2gEjBuzDlgT8f7oiM


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