Citrix web receiver on raspberry pi


Citrix web receiver (armhf version) can be installed on raspberry pi( A$48 credit card sized computer) to use as thin client for accessing  virtual machines.

Citrix made armhf version of their Citrix web receiver plugin available in below page:

Screenshot from 2016-02-12 19-39-16


armhf .deb package in above page can be installed on new raspbian jessie with below command.

sudo dpkg -i icaclientWeb_13.3.0.344519_armhf.deb

If you get certificate error run below command to fix it

sudo ln -sf /etc/ssl/certs/* /opt/Citrix/ICAClient/keystore/cacerts

If you want to install a proper browser, you can refer below post for instructions on  how to install chromium(open source version of popular chrome browser)  on rasbian jessie.

Update: Chromium was added into Raspbian from PIXEL release.

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